In a world of rapidly accelerating technology, connectedness between international markets and increasingly challenging security, safe and discreet solutions are needed on every level of commercial interactions. Discreet Commerce International (DCI) is a multi-faceted platform for enabling international commerce with those concerns in mind. This is specifically critical in this era of heightened international tensions, punctuated by outstanding opportunities for productive co-operation. Whether the need is to penetrate horizontal or vertical markets, to handle the needs of private or corporate businesses, government entities, NGOS, non-profits, including religious entities, Discreet Commerce has the energy, imagination and experience equal to the task. Prospective clients should realize our exclusive interest in projects that further positive environmental, humanitarian, technological and financial outcomes. To those who meet our requirements, we offer a carefully customized service, including often significant, positive but careful interactions with government entities. Our service is unique, comprehensive and vital for negotiating high-risk and sensitive projects involving complex business transactions. Our services include:



A security platform vetting all associates in Discreet Commerce activities, protection of all assets and persons involved in transactions, handling all contractual and travel documentation. Our private and confidential approach allows our commercial clients the confidence in knowing that their projects and business are held secure. In addition to these necessary security arrangements, Discreet Commerce offers its clients advanced cyber security products and services for protecting of their in-house data and transactions.


If needed, by way of introduction, we can connect our clients with established funding sources, including potential equity partners, to help capitalize their companies or their businesses.


Strategic Trade Alliance 31

Positioning services including public relations, networking and commercial promotion in media, the creation of all content necessary to market your client or for presentations to secure funding and other services.


Strategic Trade Alliance 40

An advanced commodity trading platform, with a public and private component, which includes the above services for its clients specifically interested in procuring or selling specific commodities.